We support our clients from the conceptual planning to commissioning.

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Axé Engineering Inc. (Axé) delivers design-build projects to various federal agencies and tribal entities.  We enjoy design-build projects because of the iterative process of the designer-builder-owner relationship. This collaboration enriches all parties and saves the client time and money due to elimination of change orders. Additionally, we offer a suite of engineering disciplines, architecture, and environmental services in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and New England.

Our effective teaming approach allows us to offer extremely competitive rates for our modular services. Our team scales up or down to complete any size or type of project that you need. Axé Engineering Inc. is  100% Native American Owned and 8(a) Certified (October 23rd, 2020).

What We Do

Together with our team, we scale up or down to complete any size of task order or assignment proposed. We look forward to discussing any upcoming or ongoing infrastructure issues that your community is experiencing.

Our Approach

We believe that there is plenty for all to share when we respect our Mother (the environment) and use her gifts respectfully and wisely. The Native Approach is a collaborative, community based, natural resource driven approach, relying on ingenuity, community, and the cyclical nature of things to be successful. The Native Approach is effective and efficient with community wellbeing being the number one and baseline objective.

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