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Since 2009, we have grown from a sole proprietorship into a corporation. Our goal is to continue to grow, building the capacity to accommodate the needs of Tribal and Federal Government Agencies. Axé Engineering, Inc. is a New Mexico based, multi-discipline Government contracting enterprise. Our mission is to create jobs for our community by winning Federal Government contracts and employing community members to perform administrative operations. Our proprietary management system results in low overhead, providing cost savings that are transferred to our clients. We share in the wealth subcontracting technical expertise to your local service providers as required.   We offer services to Federal and Tribal agencies across the continental United States, with emphasis on New England, New Mexico, Arizona, and Oklahoma.  We also provide grant application services for communities that need help leveraging their budgets in order to accomplish their community infrastructure development goals. Our experienced Federal Contracting team provides turnkey facility solutions in planning, designing, and building from site preparation to architectural finishes. By focusing on efficient closeout from the kick-off, our system allows for easy transition from construction completion into your asset management program. We can support your program by leveraging our local knowledge, local resources, and expertise to help you operate, maintain, and secure your installation. Our experience, combined with our private and commercial development history in the industry, uniquely qualifies us to respond to your installation’s construction, renovation, maintenance, and repair requirements quickly. Our professional services include a full suite of architectural/engineering/environmental planning and monitoring. We also provide a full suite of vertical & horizontal construction services for your repair, renovation, and new construction requirements. Axé Engineering Inc. will always be 100% Native American Owned and remain 8(a) Certified until October 2030.  We look forward to meeting with your contracting and management staff to discuss your current needs and requirements.

What We Do

Together with our team, we scale up or down to complete any size of task order or assignment proposed. We look forward to discussing any upcoming or ongoing infrastructure issues that your community is experiencing.

Our Approach

What is our view of the Native Approach? It is a collaborative, community based, natural resource driven approach, relying on individual ingenuity, community mindedness, and the cyclical nature of things to succeed. The Native Approach ensures that the environment and community wellbeing is the number one and baseline objective. What is a Modern Project? Because all problems and challenges have a scope, schedule, and a budget, we believe anything can fit into a project management framework. Therefore, we view any task that has a scope, schedule, and budget as a modern project. We incorporate our proprietary project management principles and systems into all aspects of our business operations, including administration. This philosophy translates into on time and under budget delivery to meet your specific or revolving requirements.

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